Sandi Wishlist

Updated March 2024

Current Contemplations

Always Good

  • White, navy or gray standard size pillowcases.
  • Mattress cover, Twin XL Deep fit (such as Four Seasons Bamboo)
  • Bath Towels - I like light weight, absorbent, fast dry towels. Any color or design is good, though I am currently most interested in rubber ducky, white, gray, or green foliage.
  • Socks - I like knee high compression socks (Dr. Motion Comfort Half Cushion or Bombas Everyday) and comfy thick boot socks. I wear womens size 9 shoes, but boot socks usually need to be a size smaller.
  • Puzzle books–actual hard copy, paper and pencil style. I enjoy word searches, jumbles, crosswords–a variety is nice, but nothing in the expert-advanced realm (I like the joy of quick success!).

EXPERIENCES (preferably without a crowd)

  • Visit your favorite eatery or beverage shop or one you want to try.


  • 4-6 hours help cleaning out a section of rocks - some areas really need the rock removed and new weed barrier placed
  • Painting a space - front entry or a bathroom or just above the master shower
  • Kitchen cabinet hinge replacements or other home maintenance perhaps not even on my radar